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Spanish English Dictionary

This is a free Spanish English Online Dictionary with thousands of words and translations sorted alphabetically from A to Z. It will help you to learn and better understand Spanish language. Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world, after Chinese, Hindu and English. Over 300 million people all over the world natively speak Spanish. In South America most countries have it as main language. If looking at the teritory of South America it would be roughly half. Also, in Central America almost all countries have it as main language which means that Spanish is one of the world's most important languages. If you're learning Spanish language or just need to find a meaning of some words I hope this simple unidirectional Spanish - English dictionary may help you.
Internet is a place packed with useful information for anybody looking for word and text translations. Spanishdict certainly belongs into the group of the best online Spanish - English directories. It's not just a dictionary, you can also have sentences translated through the Babelfish, Google and FreeTranslation. Site also features forum and has many resources in order to help you learn Spanish. is also a great resource for anybody learning Spanish or English language or simply for someone looking for a translation of a word. That being said, at Wordreference you can translate only words, not sentences. And as a plus, Wordreference can be acessed from a mobile phone at WordReference Mobile .
Reverso is also valuable place for anyone looking for translation of a word but is also more than that. Except Spanish, they have dictionaries in French, Italian, Russian and many other languages and also sentences translation. Even texts can be machine translated with a simple copy/paste.

Learn Spanish words with ease review

Well, a lot of people have difficulties with learning a new language and I mean real trouble with remembering new words and creating sentences. I am one of those. I notice that as hard as I try I simply cannot memorize some words, or better said a lot of them! Then I thought what if there is some easier way to learn new Spanish words? Searching on the net I found one program which really caught my attention mostly because of the different way it resolves the problem, and it's really simple. A lot of stress just dissapeared and is being replaced by playing with the new language! Again, the solution is simple, you need to think in pictures not words! If I say to you a word "city" for example don't you see the skyline? If I say "road" dont you see the asfalt? If I say "sky" don't you see the color of it? These could go on and on and that is what I mean by pictures behind words. Now follow me slightly further, what if the most important everyday words are basic simple words which are also easy to picture in your mind? Then you have a formula which may enable you to learn Spanish much faster than before. Surefire Spanish Learning Package is the name of the program and there you will find much more than what I wrote here. In this book you will learn that the secret in memorizing anything is not in staring into books and words but in making visual descriptions of the word in question. Well that's not the whole secret, there is one more part to it! Some researchers say that a knowledge of 1000 words may be enough to have a succesful conversation in Spanish and for that matter many other languages. So all you need is to learn 1000 Spanish words! Although it may seem a lot, you need to remember that these will make you speak and understand Spanish! And by using techniques from this book I started to think that Spanish is really easy but the truth is it's the way you learn new language that is easy or hard. Have you came across texts about spotists using visualisation to improve sport results? I think that it is body and mind which reacts to these visualisatins as if somehow they happened and it may hopefully, this is the key, memorize them to some extent as such! Let's try something simple: Imagine yourself standing in a kitchen. Everything is in perfect order, clean and new, you're delighted even for the fact of being there and looking at such a perfect kitchen. Looking at the tiles you see that they are in the color you like and perfectly in order. There is a table in the middle and some fruits and vegetables on it in the bowl. There is an apple, banana, pear, plum and lemon. Take that lemon, peel it and start eating it as if you're hungry, taking large bites into that really sour lemon! Feel it in your hands and in your mouth releasing it's juice in your mouth! Now that's a picture you'll remember! What if there is a book which can take you through the process of learning Spanish easy and at the same time those pictures you're visualising are really fun?
I think that this book, Learn Spanish with ease which is part of Surefire Spanish Learning Program does this really well so take a look at their site if you're looking for a fast and easy way to learn Spanish.

Free Online Spanish English Dictionary
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Spanish English dictionary

Spanish English Dictionary
Online Spanish English dictionary
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